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The Tenets

I have developed the following list of tenets throughout the nearly half century I have roamed this earth.  I’ve grouped them here in categories for easy reference, and will elaborate on each in future blog posts.  In fact, they will most likely be at the core of nearly every post on this site.

Forever Learning
1.   Curiosity is King
2.   Admit when you don’t know something

Reacting to Outside Stimuli
3.   Don’t be a Spaz
4.   Don’t let others dictate your pace
5.   Manage your distractions
6.   Turn complaints into solutions

7.   Determine your true motivation
8.   Define your personal value proposition
9.   Develop your daily routine

10.  Begin with the end in mind
11.  Do what you say you’ll do when you say you’ll do it

Communication/Social Interaction
12.  Start the conversation
13.  Refresh your network

Personal Fulfillment
14.  Engage in a hobby you are passionate about

15.  Defy Gravity

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