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ENRICHED is the story of my personal journey of self-exploration to find fulfillment and success in this life.  I am neither an expert nor a guru.  I offer no advice in the traditional sense; I know less about living your life than I do about living my own, so if anything comes off “preachy,” know that I am preaching to myself.  What I believe, however, is that many of the obstacles that have stood in my way, stand in your way as well.  So in reminding myself of ways to conquer these roadblocks, I am sharing something that will hopefully help you live a more enriched life.

I have devised fifteen tenets which can be found, conveniently enough, in the tab marked ‘The Tenets’ at the top of the page.  They are a work in process, and evolve with each post I publish here.  In short, they are not set in stone.  The tenets, by and large, represent those obstacles to enrichment that I have struggled, or in many cases still struggle, to overcome.

I believe that we all walk a tightrope of believing that we are unique and special with a purpose all our own, but also of wanting to belong to a larger community with the safety and security that provides.  In reconciling the two, I realize that I am not alone on this journey; the road is filled with seekers, and sharing our stories is the surest way to reach our destination of success, fulfillment, and enrichment.

I welcome your comments and conversation here, and encourage you to share your story.


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