I doubt a doctor would agree with this, or a personal trainer for that matter, but the best calf exercise I’ve found is being slightly overweight.  Why is it the best?  Simple; because you don’t realize that you are exercising, and your calves just keep getting stronger with each step.  The catch is that you have to keep taking steps.  In much the same way, the load that we carry around with us each day — the burden of failed relationships, self-esteem issues, lack of fulfillment at work — like so many extra pounds, can strengthen us as well.

We all have that baggage that we’ve integrated into our personality, our identity even.  Once we are able to put that weight aside (ie resolve those issues), we will see how strong we have become, we’ll learn how capable we are, and we will have built confidence.  And believe me, confidence acts and responds like a muscle; the more you use it, the stronger it becomes.  And you gotta use it or lose it!

Lightening your load has far reaching benefits.  The stress associated with the baggage you offloaded will be gone allowing you to think more clearly, and see things through a different lens.  All of a sudden you will see what’s in front of you instead of dwelling on past circumstances.  And you may even find yourself in a position to help someone else with their burden for a while.