Finish Line

By no means is this a new concept.  You set a goal, and you work backwards to determine where and how to start. Nothing new, right?  We already know that.  But putting this idea into practice when we are inundated with emails and phone calls and other “emergencies” that require our immediate attention can be damn near impossible.

If you were planning a road trip back in the not-so-distant pre-GPS days you unfolded a map (re-folding it was always the challenge), found your destination, and traced a route back to your starting point.  Maybe you did this a few times to find the optimal route.  Knowing where you wanted to end up was the only way to determine how you started.  If were planning a trip to San Diego from Philadelphia, for example, you wouldn’t just get in your car and head west; nor would you simply choose a route to California.  It is too broad.  You’d pinpoint your specific destination, and find the best route to get you there.  And so it is with any plan.

Taking the first steps in any process can be a daunting proposition, so doesn’t it make sense to ensure they are the correct first steps for you to achieve your goal–to reach your destination?  This can only be achieved with a clear understanding of what your ultimate destination is.  When you begin with the end in mind you can set your inner GPS device with the confidence that you have the direction required to follow each step along the way.  And if you do end up off course, your inner GPS can always recalculate.